Neura Robotics, Metzingen, Germany (2021-Present)

Software Developer

- Building web applications with Vue and JavaScript

Freelance Consultant

- Built web applications with React and JavaScript that communicated with a Django backend app
- Used a 2.13-inch eink display with Raspberry Pi to display weather with Python and OpenWeatherMap
- Worked with AWS S3, Route 53, SES and CloudFront
- Worked as a ghost writer

Studio Kurbos, Stuttgart, Germany (2019-2020)

Software Developer

- Integrated Mapbox with Vue.js to build a web application
- Built an offline application with Electron
- Incorporated Raspberry Pi and JavaScript to build display units

Partners Connected Health, Boston, United States (2016-2018)

Programmer Analyst

- Built responsive websites that integrated with mobile applications and medical devices
- Developed Android and iOS mobile applications
- Consulted with external organization to test multiple web portals on handling hundreds of users
- Followed agile methodology with bi-weekly sprint planning and reviews

Certification and Award

ISTQB - Internation Software Testing Qualifications Board
Foundation Level Tester

iCHIC - Internal Connected Health Innovation Challenge
First Place for 'Memoria'
An Amazon Echo based smart monitoring system for Dementia/Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers concerning patient mood, medication, meal adherence, location and well-being.

A few projects


An iOS and Android app built using React Native
A data collection app that lets users fill in recurring surveys for a research study that is integrated with REDCap
Implemented REDCap features like branching and repeating surveys
Designed and implemented a Node.js middleware to exist between the mobile app and REDCap for further increase in security
Leveraged and customized PM2 for error logging
Worked with the product manager on feature testing
Followed better coding and styling standards according to current industrial guidelines


An iOS app built using React Native
The app researches a process that helps parents with their child’s sleep training
Implemented local push notifications, routing and a drag and drop feature that works similar to the iOS drag and drop

PSA Hook

REDCap Hook built with JavaScript and PHP
A JavaScript based hook that leverages the existing PHP codebase to minimize human error
Makes a call to the FHIR database and auto populates the fields based on the entered information

Web Portal

A responsive web portal built with Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript and Node with IE compatibility
An IE compatible web portal that helps users manage their diabetes that integrates with medical devices and a mobile application
Collaborated with an external team for the development and testing phase
Used D3.js library to generate data visualizations
Used Google Analytics to track the portal data

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